• Fabrication, Welding and Alloy Wheel Repairs in Wiltshire and surrounding areas

WebbWelding have the latest Tig welding equipment and experienced staff to asset in repairing cracked wheels that need welding of any make and size.

We repair cracked wheels on a daily basis due to kerb damage but of late we’ve seen a big increase in wheels that have cracks or buckles from pothole damage due to the poor road surface.

With today’s low profiles and the potholes in our roads this often shows up as an MOT failure or the customer thinking they have a slow puncture, in fact its air escaping through the crack or buckle in the wheel rim.

We can repair wheels that you might think are to bad so always check with us, this can save the customer hundreds of pounds over the cost of a new wheel.

We can repair cracks to alloy wheels from as little as £40 per wheel!